Which type of massage suits you?


The time when people could only choose between a Swedish or a Thai massage has long since passed. More and more massage salons and therapists offer a wide range of different types of massage, ranging from hot stone to Ayurvedic massage, and from Reiki massage to lomi lomi.

But which massage suits you best?

If you want a general feeling of relaxation, then opt for a relaxing body massage in delhi, for example.

If you find the threshold too large to be ‘exposed’, you can opt for a massage of your head and / or feet only. This also has a very relaxing effect and gives you the opportunity to get to know your massage therapist and his / her working method better.

If you want a massage that also works specifically on your energetic body, you can opt for a Reiki massage, chakra massage or gemstone massage.

For almost every question or complaint there is an adapted massage form. Go on a discovery and trust your feelings.

In addition, it is important to know that every massage (well done) has almost the same purpose and effect. A general feeling of relaxation occurs, blockages (both physical and emotional) are removed or made more flexible and there is more body awareness. There are of course many more benefits associated with a massage, which you can read in the section “what are the benefits of a massage”.

If you have never had a massage, it might be nice to start with a general relaxing body massage. In this way you learn to become acquainted with this beautiful form of therapy and you can find out for yourself what feels good and extra good for you.

You also get to know your massage therapist and you can ask him / her what other types of massages are possible and what exactly they entail. Some people get excited when they hear about a foot massage, while others would just walk away from it.

Always rely on the signals from your body. And if you really don’t know, just try different types of massage. Learn to be open and receptive to the benefits of a massage and allow yourself that moment.

If you have specific wishes or complaints (eg migraine, recent surgery, always cold feet, etc.), always discuss this with your massage therapist beforehand so that he / she can adjust the therapy accordingly.

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